1. i’m new to this online thing, where do I start?

    This is where I come in, we start with our initial consultation which is all about you and a how I can help you start representing yourself, your products / art online. We decide how small or big, narrow or wide you want your online presence to be and take it from there.

  2. What if I need help with a website but I’m not a creative?

    My experience is in online presence for art, fashion and creative businesses - that’s what I do best! If you think your business might fit in one of those categories but are not sure, please drop me a note.

  3. What is search engine optimization, why do i need it?

    Search Engine Optimization is a very important part of your online presence. If done right, it helps Google, Bing, Yahoo and other Search Engine access your website easily and bring your art in front of people searching for what you offer.

  4. Do you build me a web presence that only you can update or can I update it?

    Great question! Most platforms I work with allow you to easily access what your visitors see, stuff like photos & content, you can update that as often as you’d like, and we’ll talk about that during our consultation. If you get stuck, we offer support on all websites we build.

  5. Who provides the information on my website?

    All website content is provided by you, copy, images, etc. I can assist with deciding what needs to go on your website and make suggestions on gathering all info before we start.

  6. Can you help manage my social media accounts?

    I believe that you are the best voice for your social media accounts, some of the best social media accounts are run from within, the communications are more authentic if they come from someone that is involved on a daily basis with the art, product, business. I can however help you strategize, brainstorm content and help you define the best tags to use and a posting plan that will keep your audience involved.

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